JP Losman

For those of you who know me, you know, I’m not a football fan. In fact, for years I’ve been an outspoken advocate of letting the Buffalo franchise slide, because I feel strongly that the investment that we — as taxpayers — make in football, is a loss-leader for the Western New York region.

In particular, my position had been fuelled by Jim Kelly, the former quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. I found his self-absorbed and self-indulgent lifestyle to be repulsive and opportunisitic, always taking from the city, and giving back a pittance relative to what he gained from the city.

So, it’s unlikely that after 30 years of hating football that my opinion will change — BUT (and that’s a big one) — I have to say that I’m beside-myself-impressed with the new Bills quarterback, JP Losman. I have no idea how he preforms on the turf (or grass, or whatever it is now) but in his short time with the team, he’s been a true and self-starting Buffalo booster.

This past weekend, he marshalled over 1,000 people to hit the streets to clean up Buffalo. Not only did he design the website on his own, but he bankrolled the entire operation. That’s impressive, and it’s really socially responsible — in fact, it’s more than responsible, it’s socially generous.

You can read all about the clean up at The Buffalo News.

Good work, JP. I’m impressed, and you’re one big reason that Buffalo is a Cool Place to Live.

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