A thought-provoking article from the: that exam…

A thought-provoking article from the:

that examines the utility (usefulness) of design.

Is It Design? Art? Or Just a Dutch Joke?

Published: December 30, 2006
If you want your view of contemporary design vigorously shaken, take in “Simply Droog” at the Museum of Arts & Design.

One thought on “A thought-provoking article from the: that exam…”

  1. “Design can’t just be a laughing matter, or an intellectual one. It has to work in the physical world. “

    I have to say, this review really annoyed me. But what can you expect from an art critic?

    Of course, design must work in the physical world! But if design is to keep up with a world in flux, it must constantly engage in self-criticism. Besides, much of the work in this show is fully functional so I didn’t really understand her beef.

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