An update on the Gap Saga. Shortly after my last …

An update on the Gap Saga.

Shortly after my last entry, I received an e-mail from Chris Black, VP of Operations for Gap Direct.

Mr. Bitterman,

My name is Chris Black and I am the Vice President, Operations with Gap Inc. Direct in Ohio. I was recently made aware of the challenges associated with your recent order, and would like to sincerely apologize for the difficulty you have experienced in trying to obtain the Gap Fitted T-shirts.

Upon researching your situation, I understand that we did not appropriately address your concerns and did not overnight these items to you when we had the opportunity to do so. Please know that the shipping charges from your recent order have been credited to your account. Additionally, we will promptly send you prepaid shipping labels to accommodate your associated returns. Lastly, should you receive this email and have the opportunity to respond, we will gladly ship you the T-Shirts you originally ordered to the UK address you designate, or to your home address.

I attempted to contact you this morning at your home number, but was unable to reach you. I would like to personally speak with you regarding this situation upon your return from vacation. Please contact me at your convenience via email or phone. I look forward to speaking with you and am hopeful we can reach a resolution that meets your satisfaction.


Chris Black
Vice President, Operations
Gap Inc. Direct


True to his word, Mr. Black, and his trusty assistant, Buffy Fisher (according to her, no relation to Doris and Don — though she did admit that she likes to joke that she is their granddaughter!) made sure that the proper size shirts arrived. And arrive, they did. Buffy even phoned to ensure that they were received.

So, after a VERY long and greuling process — I did receive the shirts. While I very much appreciate Chris and Buffy’s efforts, I wonder how a less squeeky wheel might have been treated. It’s certainly a shame that I had to write to a VP (after speaking to at least 4 different staffers) to get a response. Bottom line — though I was angry, and flabbergasted that the order was incorrect, I’m still disappointed that it took so much effort on my part. From here on, I’ll make sure to toss my two cents in another direction. Despite the final effort, the Gap has lost me as a customer.

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