The Silver Snail

As I’ve been preparing for Airstream living, I’ve been doing a lot of research about it. I’ve really enjoyed (and learned a lot) from reading The Silver Snail, which is written and designed by Sharon. Her blog is inspiring, informative, and interesting. I don’t know her at all, but I feel like I do!

It’s great to see so many people unencumbered by place and free to move about to explore our great country. Kudos and thanks to Sharon for helping me to get started!

The tiny house.


When I was young, my father would bring vans home from his used car lot. My sister and I would “sleep out” in the van. In the 1970s, these vans were “tricked out” (to use today’s parlance) and often had kitchenettes and refrigerators and other amenities. I always loved them and loved the experience. It is probably the reason (or one of the reasons) why I became obsessed with Airstreams later in life.

Well, unbelievably, I’m now the owner of an Airstream Bambi. I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled. This blog will chronicle the story of the Bambi and living in a tiny house on wheels.