BUFFALO, NY — Alex Bitterman has been named a New…

BUFFALO, NY — Alex Bitterman has been named a New York Council for the Humanitites fellow for 2006/2007. Fellows host a series of 4 “Reading Between the Lines” lectures. Bitterman will lead a series of lectures exploring the notion of Place-Based Branding.

Reading Between the Lines for Adults is an evolving pilot program that brings together groups of approximately 20 to read and discuss a book per month for four months. Topics range from “African American Autobiography” to “Working in America: Historical Perspectives.” All books are loaned to participants, and the conversations are guided by university-based scholars who offer historical and topical context.

Working with university-based scholars, the Council organizes free, monthly reading groups at local libraries, museums, historical societies, and civic forums around the state. The aim of the project is to promote an informed, lively discussion of humanities themes in a community setting and to help local institutions build relationships with larger audiences.

Watch this space for more information.

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