My Airstream Bambi came with some stock white curtains that are sufficient but a little institutional. Shortly after buying and cleaning out Florence, I resolved to make new curtains. 

That was two years ago!

About a year ago, I purchased some great white fabric and all the hardware to make new curtains. I made one panel and just didn’t love it. The fabric was too stiff and didn’t hang right. 

Then, while I was traveling in Europe this summer, I found a source for this beautiful grey Irish linen fabric. It has a fabulous “hand” and seems durable. Best of all the color is neutral but not boring. Sort of a warm grey. Best of all, it’s the same fabric that my new duvet is made from!

So last week, I got to work cutting panels and outfitting hardware. Last week, I did a test fitting, this week I made one more panel and put on the final touches and… voila! New drapes. I made some Velcro tie-backs for the curtains during the day which is an upgrade from the original set. They look really great and much less harsh than the white curtains. 

Definitely worth the wait. 

New Basecamp from Airstream

Airstream Basecamp
The new Airstream Basecamp

While I would never ever trade my Bambi (Florence IS, after all, a dream come true.) It’s interesting to see that Airstream is aiming their newest product at a “small” market.

Basecamp takes the iconic Airstream streamlined style in a new, exciting direction. The same quality and unrelenting standards that made Airstream famous has now been applied to creating one of the lightest, most versatile, and adventure-capable travel trailers ever. It’s smart, it’s spontaneous, and it’s the spirit of Airstream – the spirit of adventure.

interior plan
Interior plan of the new Basecamp.

The Basecamp is lightweight and towable with an SUV. Comfortably seats five and sleeps two. Just as comfortable in the campsite as it is off the beaten path. The new Basecamp packs everything you need into one versatile trailer that’s ready for anything this wide world has to offer.

Interesting to note this new  Basecamp is a re-imagined version of our original 2007 version that was designed in partnership with Nissan Design America. Since that first iteration, Airstream has paid attention to details and conceptualized new ideas to equip the new Basecamp with fresh innovations, more functional design features, and materials designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Orion Arm


This isn’t my image, it actually comes from Airstream, but it reminds me of what I see from my own Airstream—Florence—almost every night. From my Airstream, I can frequently see the Milky Way cloud, which is pretty amazing.

Until I had the good fortune of owning the Airstream, the darkest place I had visited was Costa Rica, where I was simply amazed at the number of stars I could see with the naked eye. It was in Costa Rica (when I was about 25 years old) that I first saw the Milky Way “cloud.”

With the naked eye, you can see thousands of stars—both in Costa Rica and at my Airstream! According to Wikipedia, there are likely at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way “cloud” which is actually a spiral-shaped concentration of gas and dust called the Orion Arm.

Our Solar System (and our planet) is located within that disk, about 27,000 light-years from the Galactic Center, on the inner edge of one of the Orion Arm. That means that when I am standing outside Florence, looking up at the amazing sky, some of the light I am seeing is 27,000 years old.


Florence is “Official”!

Airstream is an awesome company.

As you know, our Airstream is named after my late great aunt, Florence. Aunt Florence lived to be 98 years old, and was sweet as sugar and tough as nails. I admired her, and the Airstream bears her name in her honor.

Airstream, about six months ago, started a program to allow Airstreamers to register their trailers. I was eager to do it, and filled out the online form. Much to my surprise, about a week ago, I received a very nice aluminum medallion and certificate along with a thoughtful letter from the good folks at Airstream. The medallion clearly identifies the that the VIN associated with this trailer is named Florence and is proudly displayed (and worn, by Florence) right inside the front door.



Oddly, the whole process feels somewhat like the way I would imagine an adoption to feel… the certificate and medallion made our ownership “official,” even though Florence has been a member of our family for two years.

Kudos to Airstream for offering such a cool service, completely free of charge. Just another reason they are a top shelf company.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Florence!


It is incredibly unbelievable to think that two years ago today, Dan and I drove—on a whim—across Southern Ontario, across New York State, and across Massachusetts to look at an Airstream.

The dream started when I was in architecture school, and I fell in love with the 2001–2006 CCM Series designed by Christopher Deam, husband of Dwell magazine founder, Laura Deam. I remember looking at the Airstream catalog (!) and thinking: one day, I want to live in one of those. At the time, the price seemed impossible, but I never stopped thinking about it.

Arriving—exhausted—in Massachusetts, we fell in love instantly. (The picture above is proof: me sitting on the bumper, as we were “kicking the tires.” You can tell how happy I am: a.) because I rarely smile, and b.) because I never have my picture taken.)

We had a quick meal at Chipotle (around the corner from where the Airstream was then living) and decided to do it. The snap decision was not only uncharacteristic for me, but for Dan as well. A week later, she was delivered to my parents driveway (for a thorough cleaning) and soon after to her current home.

I remember how nervous we were. All of the fears and reservations (and outright worries) we had, all of the minor difficulties that seemed sure to become insurmountable impossibilities. Moments after arrival, the ease of ownership melted all of those fears quickly, and the first (arctic) winter froze any lingering fears: the Airstream was comfortable, formidable, rugged and lived up to the promise of “easy living in a land yacht”

Looking back, I couldn’t be happier that we took the leap. Florence (our Airstream) has proven to be a happy second home and is, truly, a dream come true.

Happy Birthday, Florence!