Summer Landscaping

I finally found a little time in my summer break to do some gardening, landscaping, and exterior maintenance at the Airstream! I have found, when full-timing, that on the north side of Florence, a green, slimy algae seems to grow on surfaces. Well, no longer. Thanks to my Aldi power washer, Florence got a very good bath (and waterproof test) today. The power washer blasted every last bit of slime and dirt from her surface, and even blasted some mold from the concrete around her base. The concrete looks brand new.


The pots with little ornamental shrubs also look great. I filled the pots with dirt and weighted them so they won’t blow away or tip over (like the ones last year.) If I learned anything, I learned, go low not high with plants in buckets.

Against my better judgement, I sprayed weed killer around the concrete pad and in the cracks on the concrete pad. In the midst of doing it, a big bumble bee got in the way, and got a dousing. I feel terribly about that.

While mowing, my good friend, Monsieur LeFrog came back for a visit. He’s about twice his size from last year. Nice to see him again.


After a thorough bath and power wash, I mowed the lawn and added some mulch around the trees I planted last year. Hopefully, the mulch will keep the weeds at bay!

My neighbor, Teddy, loaned me his hose to use with the power washer today, and I noticed he had planted a little garden. I never did, because I assumed the deer would eat it. He said that’s never a problem, so I might plant some tomatoes and/or lettuce for snacking.

Tomorrow, I tackle the patio and washing windows (inside and out!) Next week, I’m going to tackle the cracks in the concrete pad, and repair of the hot water heater (gulp!)


Spring Cleaning

Time for a little bit of spring cleaning. Now with Molly living in Florence part time, there seems to be evidence of cat everywhere. In such tiny quarters, a little mess goes a long way, so I brought out the big guns: my grandma’s vacuum cleaner (that I have had forever.)

Angie's Eureka Empress Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner will be 60 years old next year. It is—without reservation—the most trusty appliance I own. It needs zero maintenance. Works like a charm, and cleans really well. Most amazing: I can still find bags that fit!

In any case, Florence is a little more tidy and ready for summer… at least inside. Outside maintenance starts happening next week. That’s when I’ll tackle the hot water tank that seems to have stopped working.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

About a month ago, my microwave stopped working. I wasn’t sure why, so I checked the fuse box. The GFCI had somehow tripped. Everything else seemed to be working fine, so I didn’t pay it much mind…but for the life of me, I could not reset the GFCI. 

I tried flipping the switch. That didn’t work. I tried pushing the little yellow “test” button. That didn’t work either. I tried both at the same time. That didn’t work. I hauled out my giant Airstream manual and it had no information. I even tried Airforums. No luck. 

So today, the “check” light illuminated on my refrigerator, so I again checked the fuse box. I learned a few things…one, that my fridge has been running on propane intermittently (to my surprise) and second that the GFCI is reset   By pushing the switch DOWN and then up. 
Everything seems to be working now!

Remember: down then up!


Florence Gets a Birth Certificate!

Airstream official name registryWow. Airstream really is a cool company.

As many of you know, when I adopted, er, bought my Airstream, I named her Florence in honor of my great aunt who had passed away only a few weeks before.  Aunt Florence had a great spirit and was always smiling and kind. She was unfailingly polite and always made me smile. She passed away just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday. So, when the Airstream came along, it seemed fitting to name it in her honor.

That’s why, when you read posts about my Airstream, you will see me refer to it as Florence.

In any case, I am apparently not the only person to christen their Airstream. From the Airstream site:

You know how it goes. You fall in love. Get close. Give your significant other a pet name. It happens that way for a lot of Airstream owners. We totally get it – here’s your chance to share your Airstream’s name, swap stories and photos with your fellow Airstream enthusiasts. If you believe your Airstream is a star, you’ve come to the right place. Time to let your baby shine!

So now Airstream is allowing Airstream owners to register names for their Airstreams (think: Cabbage Patch Kids), and with it, the owners get a web page, a certificate (with the Airstream name), and other perks. Definitely a worthwhile effort in my opinion!

So, all you Airstreamers… get clicking! You can sign up at