Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

About a month ago, my microwave stopped working. I wasn’t sure why, so I checked the fuse box. The GFCI had somehow tripped. Everything else seemed to be working fine, so I didn’t pay it much mind…but for the life of me, I could not reset the GFCI. 

I tried flipping the switch. That didn’t work. I tried pushing the little yellow “test” button. That didn’t work either. I tried both at the same time. That didn’t work. I hauled out my giant Airstream manual and it had no information. I even tried Airforums. No luck. 

So today, the “check” light illuminated on my refrigerator, so I again checked the fuse box. I learned a few things…one, that my fridge has been running on propane intermittently (to my surprise) and second that the GFCI is reset   By pushing the switch DOWN and then up. 
Everything seems to be working now!

Remember: down then up!


Maintenance and Keeping Up Around the Airstream

Since buying Flo, I have become an avid reader of the AirForums forum and refer to it frequently for advice and suggestions. It is an ongoing dialog of questions and answers… and you can bet that if you have a question someone else along the way has had the same question. Somewhere along the way, I also ran across this book, Life’s (Nearly) complete Guide to Airstream Maintenance by Rich Luhr.

The book is a must have for any Airstream owner. Easy to read, simple instructions guide you through critical maintenance concerns.  Admittedly, the book is sort of steep in price (nearly $30) but a small sum in comparison to the hundreds it will undoubtedly save you. It would also make a great holiday gift for any Airstream owner!

From the publisher:

Finally, a trustworthy and complete book about Airstream maintenance! Maintenance of your Airstream is not difficult. With just a few basic tools and this guide, you can do almost every routine task yourself and save money. You’ll learn how to inspect and maintain every major system of your Airstream, and be ready to fix small problems that crop up while traveling. No other book available contains so much Airstream-specific and reliable advice from experienced Airstreamers, product manufacturers, service techs, and factory personnel. Includes recommended tools, storage tips, practical suggestions, and dozens of illustrations.


Faucet Retrofit!

VDOMUS Handheld Shower

Nearly everyone I talk to about the Airstream asks about the kitchen and the bathroom. Everyone assumes that the bathroom is “tiny.” My response is that it is “larger than my bathroom that I had in Denmark.” (And that’s true.)

While the bathroom is compact (I am a large guy and I wouldn’t say it’s small), I am always surprised that it can accommodate someone of my height and size without feeling like I’m showering in a phone booth. Quite the opposite, it’s rather roomy and efficient.

The Airstream came from the factory with a hand-held shower spigot that was—meh—at best. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. It felt cheap and plastic-y in a high-quality aluminum environment.

So, I replaced it!

The job couldn’t have been easier. It literally screws and unscrews… so if you can change a garden hose, you can change the shower in your Airstream!

I purchased the VDOMUS Metal Handheld Round Bar Hand Shower from Amazon. It was about $20, and is exceptional quality for the price. I would say that it is nearly the same quality as the $500 Handsgrohe shower that I installed at home. After I installed the VDOMUS, I realized that the original shower must have been VERY corroded inside the hose. The water pressure from the new shower head is about five times what it was in the original. Plus, it looks far more sleek and stylish than the original. The hose seems much more sturdy and flexible, and makes showering with it a breeze. So, overall, time and money well spent.

Hay! Winter is here.

Winterizing Florence is a lot of work! Now she is all tucked in for the winter.

Thanks a million to my student, Emily, who introduced me to my down-the-road neighbor, Derrick, who delivered a dozen bales of hay to insulate the bottom of Florence! Living out in the country sure does turn up a lot of friendly and helpful folks.

The hay is natural insulation, and should cut down on the drafts and cold from blustering underneath the trailer.

I’m surprised that the bales were EXACTLY the right dimension and slid under Florence perfectly. I am also surprised at how much a bunch of dried grass weighs.

Thanks a million to Emily and Derrick!