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Design Survey a workbook introduction to the design professions by Alex Bitterman

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new design textbook that I have authored. Design Survey: a Workbook Introduction to the Design Professions will be published in late November by the Pearson division of Prentice Hall, ISBN-10: 0536517363, $26.00.

Design Survey: A Workbook Introduction to the Design Professions aims to ameliorate the challenge faced by many design educators by setting forth a clear and functionally precise course of study for the beginning design student and future design professional.Each chapter of the text is intended as an introductory overview of each design profession, and is suitable for pre-major students in first-year foundation programs, or for third- and fourth-year students as a capstone survey of the interdisciplinary nature of the design professions. This book is not intended to be a comprehensive principles of design text or studio manual, but as an introductory text to the interrelated nature of the design professions.

The book would be best serve instructors teaching large lecture courses, introductory and foundations courses, and design electives that cross disciplinary lines. The text is a workbook that encourages students to interact with the designed environment with the aim of building professional awareness and critical analysis skills.Please contact your local Pearson or Prentice Hall representative. Find yours at:

In Canada, please contact your local Pearson Education Canada rep. Find yours at:

If you would like further details, or have questions about the text please feel free to contact me.

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