Everyone knows that I’m a big CNN fan. I watch …

Everyone knows that I’m a big CNN fan. I watch the domestic network feed obsessively (eventually, I’ll write a book about it), but my favorite thing about the whole network is Candy Crowley. She gets so much bad press, but I find her to be really, well, real. She’s unflappable, really (really) knows her game, and NEVER loses her cool. She doesn’t play in to the voice in her ear saying (5 seconds to break, Can) and finishes every sentence with thoughful grace.

I’d like to have lunch with Candy Crowley, not because I’m a crazed obsessive fan, but because I think that she’s truly a journalist — not just someone who reads the news on TV, but someone who works all day to file thoughtful, considerate reports about things that she’s passionate about. And, in a world of hyper media domination, I respect and appreciate that.

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