Feel This!

DX Gala

This past weekend, I had the good fortune to attend Feel This! The 2007 Annual Gala at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The Design Exchange is magnificent for a variety of reasons, but the impressive facility was especially impressive last Saturday night.

For those of you not familiar, the Design Exchange is a not-for-profit organization similar to the Design Council in the UK. The Design Exchange is housed in the Mies-ian masterpiece, the Toronto Dominion Tower. The tower complex is an architectural marvel. Mies incorporated the entire former art deco Toronto Stock Exchange building into his design… and that’s the home of the DX — on the former Toronto Stock Exchange trading floor.

The Gala turned the trading floor in to a discotheque (with DJ Karim Rashid… who, I might add was excellent) slash lounge that later became the venue for a live reggae band. The downstairs lobby of the DX was transformed as well, part auction, part gambling casino, and part chill lounge (which I have to admit, in the midst of the perfect curtain wall architecture of the site was a lovely modernist delight).

All in all, a wonderful time, pulsing with energy, and importantly, with design.

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