When I bought my Airstream, I didn’t even know the term “fulltiming.”  Admittedly, I wondered if it would be possible to live in my tiny Airstream throughout the winter. Temperatures here in Upstate New York can get down into the single digits (or even lower) for days on end, so I had my reservations and suspected that there would be a few cold days, frozen pipes, or other snow-related calamities, or at the very least a few miserable cold nights.

When classes ended for the fall semester, I buttoned up the Babmi (Florence, as I like to call her) and left for 6 weeks. I was convinced that when I got back that the place would be frigid, groceries left behind would be frozen solid, and that the water would take some doing to get in back in working order. I was wrong.

I came back, turned on the water, and was back in business. Florence was not only warm, but happy as well. For those of you out there wondering if fulltiming is a possibility, I can answer with a resounding YES! It is not only possible but comfortable as well.

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