Wow. Today is an anti-Google day. I like google, but hear this (from Gimundo:

In January, a blogger named Mark Ontkush wrote in his blog EcoIron that an all-black Google home page would save 750 megawatt-hours of electricity a year. What does that mean? We looked it up.

Turns out 750 megawatt-hours can power for an entire year:

— 77 North American homes

— 150 European homes

— 268 African homes

— 536 Asian or South American homes

— 3,750 homes in Afghanistan

— 6,000 televisions

— 800 microwaves

Ontkush pointed out that an all-white Web page requires about 74 watts to display, where a black page requires only 59 watts.

In response, an Australian company called Heap Media created a Google-powered site called The site keeps a running total of the number of watts saved to date. At press time, that number was nearly 135 million watt-hours.

There’s something oddly attractive about the Blackle homepage. We find it calming – both in look and the fact that we’re saving energy.

Click here to find out more, including instructions on how to make Blackle your home page.

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