Happy First Birthday, Florence!

Florence and I share a birthday, and today, we’ve been together one full year! It’s been an incredibly happy and bountiful year, and we are blessed to have Florence and her good energy in our lives.


When I was in graduate school for architecture, I dreamed about getting this exact model Airstream. At the time, the price made the dream an impossibility. Well, dreams DO come true.

Fast forward several years, to a new job, in a new town, and a new need for housing. On a complete whim, we decided to buy an Airstream that was about 700 miles from our home, and about 1000 miles from where we were when we decided to buy it. So we jumped in the car, drove to Boston, and fell in love with an Airstream that we came to call Florence (after my great aunt, who died just before we purchased the Airstream.)

We also had a million questions and zero concrete plans. We bought it, but had no way to get it across Massachusetts and then across New York State. Would an Airstream be robust enough to house me for the winter? Would the maintenance be too much to handle? Was it a lemon? What if something crashed into it? Were we overpaying for it? Were we crazy?

Amazingly, and with some watching-over from my Aunt (and countless others who watch over us), Florence was delivered to my parents’ house. She got a good cleaning (inside and out) and then my friend Jim was kind and generous enough to haul her the last 60 miles to her new home.

Our worries were unfounded. Yes, there is a little bit of maintenance, but it is offset by the pleasure we get from living in such a unique and comfortable space. Much to my surprise, Florence weathered an unbelievably harsh winter, and kept us toasty warm even when the weather dipped to -22 below. The cost is about 1/12 of an apartment, and the possibility to get-up-and-go is unbelievable. I get some good-natured ribbing from my colleagues, but everyone—everyone—is fascinated by the design and beauty of such an elegant space.

Our first year together has been truly a dream come true. (Florence doesn’t know it yet, but she is about to get a good scrub on the outside, and some new curtains for the dining nook [more about those soon] and her new patio is aaaaalllllmost finished.) It has been an unbelievable blessing and so much better than we could imagine, and we look forward to many, many, more happy years to come!

Happy “First” Birthday, Florence!


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