For the most part, I sleep like a baby in Florence. Smartly, I insulted the storage space under the bed back in September (I literally packed it full of as much fiberglass insulation as I could fit in there… and frankly, I don’t miss the storage space.) The mattress is comfy and with the “electric bed” mattress warmer, I have no problems with heat or comfort.

Oddly though, there’s nowhere in the bed area to set little things like glasses, or to put an alarm clock or anything like that. The Airstream came equipped with lots of areas for stashing reading materials, and mine came equipped with a drop-down TV shelf (that hasn’t hosted a TV since I have owned it, because I swapped out for a great 9-inch LCD DVD combo.) But the drop-down shelf just takes up too much space to have open all the time. And because there is nowhere for a little table, I was really at a loss.

About a month ago, I started thinking of building a “little shelf” to hold miscellaneous stuff… but I couldn’t find anything at all.


Until I ran into RIBBA at IKEA this past weekend! RIBBA comes in Black and White and is actually a picture rail rather than a shelf… but it works PERFECTLY as a side table in the bed area. RIBBA installs with two screws and fits the decor perfectly. All for only $9!




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