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Alternative title for this post:  Why Byron Brown is a slimy career politician.

This is Byron Brown politics at its worst, and I’m SHOCKED it hasn’t gotten more press. There was a VERY QUIET article in the Buffalo News about a month ago asking for residents to call 311 to voice their opinion about the takeover, and I bet that very few people have done so. I’m also shocked at how the Olmstead Conservancy is playing victim rather than taking it to the streets. Both sides are handling this poorly. Here’s the facts as I see them:

The city had 80-some years to manage the parks, and at the point the county/Olmstead took over, the parks were in gross disrepair, neglected, and forgotten. The bureaucracy (like every city bureaucracy) that ran the parks was (again, like every city bureaucracy) bloated, corrupt, and ineffective. The Olmstead Conservancy is a grass roots effort that has raised MILLIONS in private grant money to sustain the parks. This is something the city NEVER did and really doesn’t have the resources to do. If we allow this to happen, we’re kissing that money… and our parks goodbye.

That begs the question, why? Why would Byron do this? Because it’s a bullied play for low hanging fruit in the political machine that runs this city. Nothing is going to happen unless people make a stink, and my guess everyone is too preoccupied with the Bills playing in Toronto and other VERY important issues to make the time to voice their opposition. I truly hope the citizens of Buffalo prove me wrong.

Olmsted Parks: Up a Tree | City | Buffalo Rising.

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