State of the Undoing.

Ugh.  One more milestone — the last W. State of the Union address, ever!  Hooray.  I think that the nation breathed a collective sigh of relief tonight knowing that we’ll never have to listen to another long-winded bag of lies from a president that is not only a fool, but a failure.That said, I have to admit, though, I’m not feeling so good about the 2008 race, however.  For some reason, I just feel like no matter who gets elected, it will just be more of the same.   I’m all in favor of a female president, or an African-American president, and I think we’re well overdue for a little diversity at the top of the political food chain.   (For that matter, we’re due for a competent leader as well.) I don’t know what it is about Hilary that bugs me.  She seems angry.  Jaded, defensive and angry.  However, I feel that Barack is angry too — he looks angry when he speaks.  All of the other democrats are pretty much out of the race — though I would love to see Elizabeth Edwards run — she’s one of the few quasi-political figures that actually says what she thinks and I admire that. The republicans are equally angry: John McCain (don’t need to say much there, he’s evidently a grumpy old man), Rudi is grumpy and disgruntled, always has been.  Mr. Huckabee is grumpy and miserable, and Mitt is — well, Mitt just scares me. So who does that leave?Here’s my dream ticket: Michael Bloomberg and Lou Dobbs.  Not a vote for diversity, unfortunately, but likely a team that could take on the political machine and really shake things up a bit — and a big shakeup is LONG overdue. 

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