The Gap Saga Continues. OK, so I don’t want my bl…

The Gap Saga Continues.

OK, so I don’t want my blog to turn in to a rant, but it is, so whatever.

So if you read the entry below, this Dave kid from the Gap swore up and down that I’d get my t-shirts by Wednesday afternoon. Quel surprise, Wednesday afternoon comes and goes, no shirts.

So, about 8pm, I get an e-mail from Gap customer service:

Dear Alex ,

Thank you for contacting us regarding order #11W3HPW . We have received the information from our Distribution Center regarding the Fitted stretch T , in black , large . They have determined that this item is in the correct location, and a new order may be placed for Fitted stretch T.

As a gesture of our sincere apologies in this matter, we have issued a free standard shipping courtesy to the following e-mail address:

You may use this courtesy towards placing a new order for the correct item.

If we may be of further assistance, please contact us via e-mail at or by calling 1-800-427-77895. Our Customer Service Consultants are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.


Customer Service Consultant

So, I’m like, hm. This sucks — they screw up, they lie to me, and THEN I have to send the stuff back, AND order the correct sizes.

Um, hi. It’s called doing your JOB. I don’t think so.

So I write an e-mail back:

Hi Jules:

I’m very confused.

The shirts I received are clearly not the correct size (L). Though the label on the bag indicates size L, the shirt are actually marked M and XL T.

When I called on Monday evening, I spoke with Dave. He told me that he would send out 4 size L shirts along with a prepaid return tag. I explained to Dave that I am leaving for England on Thursday, and he swore up and down an blue streak that they would be here by Wednesday afternoon at the latest. He went in to a lengthy explanation that because this was a Gap problem, the order would be “expedited” and re-shipped without charge to me, and that the return of the wrong merchandise would be on your dime.

From the note you’ve sent, it seems to me that this isn’t the case, and that no order has been placed. While I had fully expected to receive the shirts today, I am quite disappointed to find that they have not yet arrived. Frankly, free standard shipping because of a screw up on your part isn’t much of a favor. How about getting my order right the first time? In the event that something goes wrong, how about making sure that I have the stuff ASAP?

This is a joke.

What has happened to the company that I have grown to love? This is the SECOND big screw up from in one month. Something has really gone awry.

So far… no response.

I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “The Gap Saga Continues. OK, so I don’t want my bl…”

  1. Alex,

    It’s unfortunate that many customer service reps don’t have a clue about what it means to “take care” of a customer. Gap seems to have a myriad of problems anyway.

    I’ve worked in customer service for many years and I know that making promises you can’t keep definitely spells trouble 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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