The Search for the Best Car EVER! Part IV: My Review.

I wound up buying the 2015  Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT 2.4 AWC.

Here’s my breakdown of features and reviews of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT.

The Outlander Sport handles REALLY well. It is among the best cars I’ve driven and is on par with my first Subaru Legacy. The steering is responsive and the car turns on a dime and the turning radius is tight. It’s possible to make a U-turn on a very narrow street, which is handy and impressive.

The car rides smoother than any car I’ve ever had (including my first Subaru Legacy), it takes bumps and potholes like a champ and steers perfectly.

Acceleration can be a bit sluggish if you just push on the accelerator. Instead, using the paddle shifters to engage the CVT is the way to go. Using the paddle shifters gives the car a significant boost and ranks it amongst the peppiest and most powerful cars of any that I’ve owned.

I particularly like how the Outlander Sport grips the road. The base feels secure, stable, and dense.

The nightlines are clear and the side mirrors feel generous. I like that I can see 360º around the car. Plus, the backup camera has a very generous 180º range of view. It’s handy and makes backing up a breeze.

I give Drive/Handling an A+

Hands down the best ergonomic design of any car I’ve owned. The seat doesn’t have lumbar support (which is called out in several of the “pro” reviews. However, the way the seat fits the body makes lumbar support a thing of the past. The seat cradles the lower back and is both comfortable and suitable for small and large drivers alike.

The heated seats are perfect and heat up quickly.

Climate control is simply the best I’ve encountered (all those air conditioners Mitsubishi makes must have paid off in this area.) Just set the temperature and forget it. The car keeps you cool or warm and keeps the windows from getting foggy… even in really humid and foggy conditions.

Switches and buttons are large, well labeled, well located, and easy to see. Illumination can be customized and is not overdone.

I give Comfort an A+

Gas Mileage
Is on par with my Subarus. About 27-30mpg. Definitely not bad, and much better than most cars I’ve owned.

I give Gas Mileage an A (there’s always room for improvement until we’re getting 100mpg).

Sound System
I had never heard of Rockford Fosgate until I purchased my Mitsubishi. The sound system is OK. I am not a big audiophile, music person, or radio person. The FUSE system seems clunky (compared to Apple CarPlay) but the screen is responsive. There’s some peculiarities and oddities, but it gets the job done.

I do hope that Mitsubishi will upgrade the software soon to accept CarPlay!

I give the Sound System a B-

Engine Sound
The “pro” reviewers complained a lot about the engine noise in the Outlander Sport. I’ve been driving the car for some time now, and the engine makes noise. Just like EVERY OTHER ENGINE on the market. Mitsubishi doesn’t employ any weird masking/noise cancellation like other manufacturers. Personally, I don’t think the engine makes any annoying or distracting sounds, and I find it to be reassuring that I can actually hear the engine working.

I give Engine Sound an A

This is where the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport really shines. Smart, easy-to-use features abound.

The AWD feature is smart and operates at the push of a button. It clicks into use when the vehicle senses that it needs it.

Wipers are automatic and triggered by speed and rain volume. They work flawlessly.

Headlights are the best I’ve ever encountered. Clear and a wide 180º spread.

The panoramic sunroof is stunning, and the accessory LED lighting is cute and fun.

I love that the driver side window doesn’t have that stupid “touch” feature (that I never seem to be able to use). Instead, push down for the window to go down, up for the window to go up. Easy.

Features definitely earn an A+

The purchase and service for the vehicle can’t be beat. a 10/100k drive train warranty and a 5/50k overall warranty is the best in its class.

The purchase was straightforward, no haggle, and fair.

Service definitely earns an A+ as well.

So, I am happy to report that the “pro” reviewers are wrong and the owners are spot on. Overall, my grade is an A, nearly an A+. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is the best car I’ve ever owned!

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