The year of buying nothing. 

My year of buying nothing is going reasonably well. I have made a small number of miscellaneous purchases bot nothing more than $10. 

I find, as I am eating more healthy food, that salads and power bowls are becoming more and more part of my diet. Despite this, the only bowls I have in the airstream are some shallow red ones. They are sturdy but not terribly practical when it comes to “deep dish” meals like oatmeal and soup. 


Enter, the “handle bowl” a sort of large latte mug that can be used for soups, stews, porridge and other “bowl based” meals. We happened to have two extra stashed away in cobalt and almost cobalt blue. 

They are the perfect cost-free addition to the airstream kitchen and perfect because the handles allow them to hang cleanly out of the way. 

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