Time out?

John McCain put a “hold” on his campaign today. He returned to Washington to work on the looming financial disaster.

Let’s think about this for a moment.

First off, old school move. A president should be able to multi-task. I mean, seriously do we want someone leading this country that can only do one thing at a time? Come on! Wouldn’t you love to do one thing at a time when you were at work?

Second, this political slight of hand might preempt the debate scheduled for this Friday. Again — come on! Isn’t this exactly the time that we should be debating and discussing the serious issues that are facing each of us right now? If Obama has a half a brain (no comment), he’d take this opportunity to continue the debate with Sarah Palin. It would be a good test for both of them (they’re closer in age) and it will demonstrate that Palin is indeed able and willing to step in for McCain if and when needed.

Wow. Is this for real? Who the hell is running this country… us or them?

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