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I’ve been listening a lot lately to Morcheeba: Stop Complaining (Morcheeba/Capricorn II Remix). My particular favorite is God Bless and Goodbye

File under “You GO Girl…”

From the EBTG website:

“Hello everyone. We would like to point out that the currrent TV commercial in the US for Hummer that uses our cover version of ‘Love Is Strange’ was put together without our knowledge or consent. Unfortunately Warner Music UK control our early 90’s recorded performances and agreed that the track could be used. It is common courtesy to inform the artist and listen to any objections when something like this happens. We were not contacted by Warner Music UK.

“Fortunately if the artist also writes the song, they can put a stop to things by refusing to allow the publishing copyright to be used. Unfortunately in this case, we did not write the song and therefore could not block it on those grounds.

“We are deeply concerned that our music has been used in this way. It is something we would never have condoned had we’d been given the choice.

“We are currently in lengthy legal discussion with Warner Music UK. We would have spoken out earlier but needed to clarify our position. We will make our final position clear and issue a statement in due course.

Best always,

Ben and Tracey”

From Alex : I’m very proud of Ben and Tracey, and from the perspective of someone Stateside, the commercial isn’t well produced. As usual, big thumbs down to the Hummer folks. As much as we love Ben and Tracy, it STILL won’t make us want to run out to buy a Hummer.

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