We Love Heinz.

It’s been a lousy week.  A few years ago, when I was interviewing at RIT, there were thousands of little signs everywhere that said “we love Heinz.”  The chair, and my host at the time (and my current colleague) explained: “We have a faculty member who is ill, the students got together to do something to let Heinz — that’s his name, Heinz — know that we really care about him.”A year or so later, I had the good fortune to move to the department where Heinz taught.  Like all of my fantastic colleagues, Heinz was friendly, and thoughtful.  We had lunch at the beginning of this year, and he shared with me many of his secrets for keeping students engaged in the classroom.  He clearly was doing something right, because of all my colleagues, he’s the only one with an entire gamut of perfect reviews on his ratemyprofessor.com page. Heinz passed away this week.  I’ll miss him, and I mourn our loss.  However, as clique as it may be to say: a little bit of Heinz will live on in every one of his students, and in every one of his colleagues.  Take a quiet moment this week to give thanks for all he’s done, and all he has taught you, regardless of whether you are faculty or a student.We’ll miss you, Heinz. 

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