Wi-Fi Calling on Verizon… is here.

Shockingly, Verizon released (or is testing) Wi-Fi calling on their network on the iPhone (I have a 6+) and I’m running iOS 9.3 Public Beta 7. So my guess is that it’s not yet available and that it’s being tested in this beta rollout.

The option is available under “Phone” (oddly, not under “Cellular”) in the Settings menu.

I set up Wi-Fi calling this morning, and made a test call and it works perfectly with no glitches.

After turning the toggle on, a pop up window up (clearly curated by Verizon) appears asking for an emergency contact address for 911 services and gives a variety of warnings about costs and 911 accessibility.

Once active to carrier changes from “Verizon” to “VZW Wi-Fi.”

It’s picked up (amazingly) on several Wi-Fi networks that I’ve been on today (at the Mercedes-Benz dealer and again later at Barnes & Noble.)

Way to go, Verizon… you’re definitely stepping it up lately!




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