You know, I’ve never liked Garrison Keillor. He i…

You know, I’ve never liked Garrison Keillor. He is the host of this stupid radio show called Prairie Home Companion. It’s on public radio stations across the country, unfortunately — but thankfully, it airs at odd times, like 7pm Sunday morning — so judging from that, I can only deduce that it’s wildly popular. I’m sure you know the show… oh wait, you don’t — ha. Exactly.

Well, nonetheless, your great grandmother and grandfather probably know the show and love it. It’s set up like an old-time 1920s radio show (minus any relevance, humor, or intelligence). In short, it’s perfect for people who fondly remember the 20s (the 1920s, that is), and wish that we had never passed into a modern age.

This past week, Garrison made some really distrubing comments, not only about gays, but about the evolution of the family unit. You can check out the whole article here: Towelroad and Dan Savage’s saucy retort here SLOG (viewer discretion advised).

Shocked? Yeah, why not dash off a quick note to Garrison’s boss, William H. Kling or your local public radio station?

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